Na Dlouhé Rezidence / Living with passion / Already sold 92 %!

Na Dlouhé Residence / Living with passion
Na Dlouhé Residence / Living with passion
Na Dlouhé Residence / Living with passion
Na Dlouhé Residence / Living with passion
Na Dlouhé Residence / Living with passion
Na Dlouhé Residence / Living with passion
Na Dlouhé Residence / Living with passion
Attractive architecture
within walking distance of the centre of Olomouc ...
Quiet residential area
with an enclosed park ...
Excellent views
of the Olomouc skyline ...
Private parking
in complex in extra-wide spaces ...
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advantages of the complex

The Na Dlouhé Residence is designed with a number of basic living questions in mind, including:

  • surrounding green spaces and outstanding views;
  • transport accessibility;
  • walking distance to the centre of town;
  • intimate balconies and terraces;
  • sophisticated layouts with ample storage space;
  • private front and rear gardens;
  • parking and attractive design.

News and press releases

17. 04. 2013

Official launch of unit sales

On Monday 22 April 2013 GEMO Olomouc will commence the sale of units in the new residential complex on Dlouhá St in Olomouc. The new complex offers units in a range of sizes, all with well-designed layouts and quality materials. Construction will begin in May 2013 with the preparation of utility lines. Units will be ready for occupancy in the autumn of 2014.

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A word from the architect

Ing. arch. David Chromík - CAM Architekti s.r.o.

The new building is located in an attractive part of Olomouc close to the city centre. The location of the complex among low-rise single-family homes provides ample amounts of space, light and greenery. The residential complex creates a unique environment for families and those interested in an active life. The new residence is just a short walk from St Wenceslas Cathedral. The flats offer fine views of the historical panorama of Olomouc and the Hradisko Monastery.

A key feature of the urban design is the placement of the residential buildings in an area with low-rise development. The smaller buildings in the complex rise from an elevated garden, ensuring security and privacy. The buildings stand on a landscaped base that hides an underground garage and support facilities.

Featuring a simple yet elegant design similar to large villas, the buildings.

Rise from a green base; the composition is elaborated by large balconies facing southwest and southeast. The buildings surround an elevated garden, creating the sensation of a private world for the residents.

The landscaping gives the individual parts of the complex their own character: a stone wall with vines, an organically designed garden with trees, front gardens with a lawn and bushes.


The orientation of the site ensures that the buildings are facing in a nearly ideal direction. The flats offer maximum sunshine and fine views.

Large sliding panels provide shade and maximum privacy. The fine panel material is also an interesting design feature. The panels can be moved as needed to shade or divide the balcony or living space.

The structure of the units is diverse and offers a wide range of designs for sophisticated layouts with ample storage space.

Almost all of the flats have a balcony and a front garden or terrace providing space for spending time outdoors while ensuring the privacy of owners.

An important part of the architectural design is an emphasis on materials, their treatment and the quality of detail. The stone cladding of the base contrasts with the smoothly plastered surfaces of the town houses. The plaster façades are differentiated by structure and colour. The shading system of sliding wood and glass panels imparts a grand scale and distinctive character to the entire complex.

basic information

The building is located in the quiet Letná section of Olomouc with good accessibility to the city centre. The administration building with an ornamental garden is located near the complex.

The designed residential buildings have 1 underground floor and up to 4 above-ground floors; the complex has a total of 55 flats.

The underground part of the complex is a platform housing the parking garage, cellars and technical facilities. Parking is divided into two garages with separate entrances from the service road off Dlouhá St.

The above-ground part of the complex is divided into three residential buildings / A, B, C /. Buildings entrances are on both the ground level and in the garden on the roof of the garage. The flats are accessible by individual staircase sections with a lift.

The basement forms the so-called "white" tub built on piles. The basement of the building is a reinforced concrete monolithic skeleton which changes above the ground to a system of transverse load-bearing walls.


standard features

Features Description
entrance door
  • single 800/1970 doors with EI 30DP3 type 10 fire rating, exterior doors based on the architectural design, interior CPL white smooth, class 2 steel safety door frames, security hardware - plate, safety lock cylinder, handle/knob, wide-angle peephole, threshold;
interior doors
  • bathroom, WC, closet - solid interior doors, CPL
  • living room, bedroom - interior doors, CPL, glass
  • door frames with CPL trim
  • aluminium hardware with anodized finish, standard key lock, toilet lock in bathroom and WC
  • door sills with external coating
wall tiles - bathroom, toilet
  • delivery and installation of rectified large-format 300/600 wall tiles, height 210 cm, aluminium edges, grout, with mosaic detail
floor tiles - bathroom, toilet
  • delivery and installation of rectified large-format 600/600 wall tiles, light grey grout
accessories and fittings
  • Laufen 60 cm sink, white, stainless drain
  • Grohe basin lever mixer
  • Laufen ceramic wall-mounted toilet, plastic seat
  • Kaldewei 1700/750 enamel tub, tub feet set, plastic bath drain
  • Grohe wall-mounted bath mixer tap
  • depending on layout, corner shower with cast marble basin, Grohe wall-mounted mixer tap
  • cold water line and drainage for washing machine
  • living room, kitchen area, bedroom and additional rooms, hallway and closet – quality name-brand floating laminate flooring (8 mm thickness), lacquered natural oak board pattern, including vapour barrier, insulation, trim
  • due to the atypical arrangement of each unit in relation to the future interior, the kitchenette is not included.
  • exhaust for the fume hood, 125 mm in diameter, without clack valve, running out from the vent pipe in the area of the kitchenette
  • cold and hot water pipes for a sink
  • drainage pipes for a sink and a dishwasher
  • cold water pipe for a dishwasher
  • wiring (lights, sockets, fume hood, appliances)
water piping
  • water is distributed in plastic pipes in partition walls or in the floor (hot and cold water to bathroom and kitchenette, only cold water to toilet and for a washing machine)
  • a water meter for measuring water consumption in the unit
  • plastic attachment drainage pipes for bath, washbasin, washing machine and sink in the partition or enclosure walls
Electrical installations
  • standard socket electric circuit CYKY (Lo) 3x2.5 25 A, 230 V
  • lighting connections fitted with lamp clips
  • equipped with intercom
  • doorbell - part of the intercom
TV wiring
  • supply and installation of TV sockets in every room, land digital signal reception, satellite-ready
telephone wiring, internet
  • compound data socket for telephone and internet connection
  • heat exchange station for heating regulation and decentralized preparation of hot supply water
  • electronic heat consumption meter
  • thermostat in the living room
  • delivery and installation of radiators with thermostatic valves
  • plastic pipes for central heating in the floor
Windows, French windows
  • plastic windows, glass U = 1.1, without blinds and shades, standard fitting, micro-ventilation, PVC windowsill,
  • French window, plastic, white, glass U = 1.1 with ventilation
  • WPC panel floor
  • WPC panel floor

Client-made changes

During construction you can choose from a wide range of furnishings from the supplier’s catalogue. It will be possible to customise the layout of the housing unit chosen and to change individual items, including doors, floors, tiling, accessories and sanitary installations.

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Construction progress


Na Dlouhé Residence

Financing available

We can help you obtain financing for your flat. Take advantage of an excellent offer of mortgage loans. For more information please contact our sales representative.

Financing process

1. reservation fee of CZK 30,000
The reservation is valid for 30 days to provide you sufficient time to choose financing and to resolve potential changes in the layout or features. We will provide you quick financing information from our partner banks, which do not require the standard cost estimate of your chosen flat. The reservation fee is the applied toward the price of the unit.

2. future purchase contract
After choosing financing and the potential selection of changes in the layout and features, you will sign a future purchase contract with the seller in which the housing unit price payment schedule will be clearly established, depending on the construction phase up to 90% of the price.
Buyers can finance their purchase on their own or by means of various loan products available on the Czech market. When financing by means of a mortgage or construction savings loan, the purchased unit can be used as collateral.

3. purchase agreement – payment of the final 10%
When the building is finished and inspected, you will be asked to sign the purchase contract. After signing the contract and entering it into the land registry, you will pay the final 10% of the price of the flat and become its owner.


The construction of the Na Dlouhé residential complex is fully financed by GEMO OLOMOUC spol. s r.o. The company is not dependent on financing from bank loans or on the sale of the residential units, thus guaranteeing you a place to live in a finished housing complex, including completed soft and hard landscaping.

loan calculator

On the first line fill in the total requested sum and the period of repayment. On the second line you will immediately see the approximate interest rates and monthly instalments.


contact information

Investor and general contractor:

GEMO OLOMOUC, spol. s r.o.
Dlouhá 562/22
772 35 Olomouc, Lazce
Company Identification No.: 13642464

Project manager:

Ing. Jiří Vejmelka
Phone: 602 505 322

Sold out. Thank you for your support.
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